Road approval for first 35t FC Truck May 2017

ESORO received the official road approval for the fuel cell truck develped and realized for Coop. The truck has been tested for several months and thousands of kilometers and a close cooperation with the authorities has been established. The truck will deliver fresh prduce to the stores of Coop.

Pictures, a movie and the press release (in German) you find > here
Rinspeed Oasis January 2017

Since electronics more and more become the most important part of an automobil, the Consumer Electronic Show CES in Las Vegas is the perfect place to present the "Oasis" - the 18th concept car ESORO could engineer and realize for Rinspeed.
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World Premiere: Fuel Cell Truck for Coop November 2016

ESORO - together with a partner consortium - has developed the world's first fuel cell truck in the 34-tonne category that has the necessary load capacity to be fully integrated into the regular Coop logistics management process.

More information: >PDF Factsheet truck and >PDF leaflet
Rinspeed Etos January 2016

It's not Geneva but the CES in Las Vegas this time, where Rinspeed presents its latest creation ETOS. For the 17th time, ESORO was responsible for parts of the engineering and the realization of the concept car.
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Rinspeed Budii March 2015

As learning and personalized systems future vehicles could become our "friend on wheels" for personal transportation. The latest Rinspeed concept demonstrates, what this could mean in future. The Budii was already the 16th project of ESORO for Rinspeed.
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MiniX - electric crosser NEXT generation February 2015

MiniX demonstrates how powerfull an all-electric cross bike can perform, if it is designed intergrally and a special high-power lithium-ion battery is used in combination with an exteremely powerful and water-cooled electric engine. In racing, the performance of the MiniX will be demonstrated by witchbroom racing also against conventional bikes.
800'000 smart tailgates by Weber Fibertech April 2014

ESORO congratulates Weber Fibertech on the production and delivery of 800'000 tailgates for the smart - at 100% supplier's reliability. The E-LFT production process - developed by ESORO - and the Fibertech team demonstrate again their automotive serial production capability.
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Rinspeed XchangE March 2014

The all-electric touring sedan XchangE shows how the interior could look like, if the autopilot takes over on highways. The vehicle features all-new seats, reminiscent of the relaxing business class seats, which can be turned too.
The XchangE is presented at the 84th Motorshow in Geneva. More information: or >PDF PDF
Seat system for orthopedic technicians, November 2013

To improve the comfort for patients and the work of orthopedic technicians, Ottobock equipps its Science Centers with this novel and specific designed protheses adaption chairs. ESORO is pleased to deliver a small edition of this product.
Trade show SLS for 3C, April 2013

For the well-respected carbon composite company 3C, ESORO equipped a showcar with all available carbon exterior parts and an individualized interior in record time - The car has been displayed at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013.
ZALANDO Fashon Car, March 2013

For a side show at the Rinspeed's Geneva booth, ESORO converted and adopted a Mercedes A-class into a ZALANDO fashon store - cabine to exchange clothes and electronic gadgets included.
Rinspeed microMAX, March 2013

The microMAX transforms the megatrends - such as sharing, instead of owning and being connected to have access - in an attractive, realistic and real concept.The roomy interior offers place for the driver, three passengers and luggage in a very comfortable way - and you will even not miss a coffee machine in this public share car for short distances.
The microMax is presented at the 83th Motorshow in Geneva. More information:
Spider concept wheelchair, October 2012

Ottobock presented a new concept wheelchair during the Rehacare in Düsseldorf: The Spider is all-wheel-driven and all-wheel-steered. It can turn on the spot and even move sideways. This enables a completely new mobility for an electric wheelchair. ESORO was responsible for the design and its realization.
SuperFour: special edition, July 2012

"Union Jack" and "Competition": During the paralympic games in London, Ottobock presented two SuperFours in special design. The British look includes chrome, brilliant wood, leather and the Union Jack. Additional LED spots, racing tires and the matt foil finish give a sporty look to the SuperFour Competition. ESORO was responsible for the elaboration and the realization of a design idea by Urs Schönauer.
Rinspeed DOCK+GO, March 2012

Backpack on wheels for EVs: The Rinspeed Dock+Go takes what it needs: a hybrid drive train, an isothermal box for pizza delivery or a disco machine. If there is no need, it drives efficient and small through the city. ESORO was engineering partner for Rinspeed for the 13th time and responsible for all electric work and the interior design. The Dock+Go will be presented during the 81th Geneva Motor Show.
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Automatic sun top, January 2012

ESORO developed and manufactured for the exclusive company Boesch Motorboats an automatic sun top for their flagship Boesch 970 St. Tropez. The sun top opens and closes by push of a button and protects the boat from sunshine. Boesch Motorboats presented the sun top during the fair boat 2012 in Dusseldorf.
NEXT: Swiss champion!, November 2011

ESORO congratulates team driver Mario Kern and the ESORO WICHBROOM racing team on the win of the open-class Swiss e-moto championships! The NEXT racing prototype exceeded all expectation and we'd like to thank all the involved persons for their great job.
New Flyer as >PDF PDF
Rinspeed BamBoo, March 2011

Electric power competition? No thanks! The Rinspeed BamBoo highlights the enjoy of living - by intelligently integrated technology. ESORO was in charge for the development of this showcar. It will be presented during the 81th Geneva Motor Show (March 3th - 13th, 2011).
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SWISS-MOTO: NEXT - new electric cross tech, February 2011

engineered by ESORO - powered by ASMO: the latest WITCHBROOM project demonstrates the capabilities of a pure electric race motorcycle. The prototype - based on a Kawasaki KX 450 F - is showed for the first time during the SWISS-MOTO 2011 (hall 7) from 17. - 20. February 2011.
Flyer as >PDF PDF
Ottobock Scoutcrawler, October 2010

Where the ways end for active wheelchair drivers, the Scoutcrawler continues: It feels at home in difficult terrains, such as snow, sand, gravel and mud, and climbs up to 17 degrees. ESORO developed the product serial production ready for Ottobock and manufactured also the first prototypes. The Scoutcrawler is now available from Ottobock.
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Rinspeed UC?, March 2010

The Rinspeed UC? - urban commuter, you see? - is an electric driven city car. Thanks to a railcar loading system also long distances can be travelled easily. As in the ten years before, ESORO was in charge for the development of this showcar. It will be presented during the 80th Geneva Motor Show (March 4th - 14th, 2010).
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Ottobock C2000, October 2009

The C2000 of Ottobock combines the advantages of indoor and outdoor electric wheelchairs: Large wheels and full-suspension allow a safe and comfortable ride also on difficult terrains, the large steering angle (over 90 degrees) enable a high mobility indoors. ESORO developed the C2000 chassis serial production ready for Ottobock and manufactured also the first prototypes.
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Rinspeed iChange, March 2009

The Rinspeed iChange is a "1-2-3 Seater" with a 130kW-E-Motor, whose car body adapts by the push on a button and with best possible aerodynamics to the number of passengers. This way the sportster with a central driver seat converts into a small sports-van with space for three people through the adjustable tail-end. The 10th Showcar realized by ESORO for Rinspeed will be been shown from the 5th to the 15th March 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show.
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  Fastest channel crossing, July 2008

In a time of only 1:14.33 hours, the amphibious car Tonic crossed the Channel from Dover to Calais. By doing so, the Tonic beats the record of Sir Richard Branson for road-approved amphibious vehicles. The Tonic was developed and realized by ESORO as tender for the PINK GIN sailing yacht.
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  Article in "Polymotive", May 2008

The journal "Polymotive" - a renowned magazine in the plastic sector of the automotive industry - published in its May / June issue an interview with the CEO of ESORO, Diego Jaggi, on the development of the smart fortwo tailgate and the E-LFT process. The article as >PDF PDF
  JEC Innovation Award, April 2008

During the JEC Show - the world's largest fair for fiber reinforced plastics - ESORO and Weber Automotive were awarded first prize for the E-LFT-produced tailgate of the new smart fortwo in the category "Automotive & Vehicles".
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  Rinspeed sQuba, February 2008

James Bond still needed "Q" and a box of movie tricks in 1977, today it also works in real life: the Rinspeed sQuba - a thoroughbred electro-sportscar - can, if necessary, swim and dive to depths of up to 10 meters. The 9th Showcar realized by ESORO for Rinspeed has been shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2008.
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  100,000 serial E-LFT parts delivered in 2007, January 2008

In 2007, WeberFibertech delivered 100,000 structural parts and inside lids for the tailgate of the new smart fortwo. The components and the E-LFT production process were developed by ESORO for WeberFibertech.
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  LiIon-Technology for plug-in hybrid, December 2007

The ESORO H301 - a plug-in hybrid - has been driven over 70,000 km since its conception 10 years ago. In late 2007 it was equipped with state-of-the-art LiIon technology. The vehicle became around 100 kg lighter, whereas the battery capacity was increased by around 30%.
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  Rinspeed eXasis, February 2007

The transparency – thanks to Bayer's material Makrolon® – „dematerializes“ the new Rinspeed concept car eXasis. The 8th Shwocar realized by ESORO for Rinspeed is shown at the Geneva Motor Show from March 8 - 18, 2007.
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smart fortwo with E-LFT tailgate, January 2007

In March 2007, the new smart fortwo is available – including the lightweight tailgate produced in E-LFT production process. smart was convinced by the higher structural properties and higher customer value at competitive costs. Weber Fibertech is now delivering daily 400 parts engineered by ESORO.
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Serialproduction of SuperFour, January 2007

The all-terrain wheel chair SuperFour has now passed all the tests and is now in serial production by Otto Bock GmbH. All-wheel-drive and hybrid technology offer now mobility for wide and pathless terrain.

ZaZen, February 2005

The latest Project by the Swiss design company Rinspeed is called "ZaZen" and was developed by ESORO and Bayer MaterialScience. The Concept Car featuring innovative lighting technology and novel roof design will be presented on February 28, 2006, at the Geneva Motor Show.
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SuperFour - pre-production models, October 2005

On the occasion of RehaCare 2005 - the leading trade fare for rehabilitation products - our customer Otto Bock GmbH presented the pre-production models of the outdoor wheelchair SuperFour. The vehicles, developed and manufactured by ESORO, could be tested by the visitors of the fair on a specially built all-terrain course.
Paragolfer, October 2005

The Paragolfer is an all-terrain wheelchair, that enables people to stand upright. This enables them to play golf and to communicate on eye height. The Paragolfer was developed to series production readiness by ESORO together with Otto Bock GmbH according to a concept of Anthony Netto und Christian Nachtwey for Parabasetec.

PAC CarII-World record: 8 liter to circle world- June 2005

The possibilities of consequent optimization of energy consumption are demonstrated by PAC Car II of ETH Zurich: With energy of one liter gasoline, the fuel cell vehicle has a range of 5385 km! By this low consumption, the team of students sets a new world record during the Shell Eco Marathon in Ladoux (Fr) on June 26th, 2005. Congratulations!
ESORO supported the students in design and engineering of the vehicle and manufactured the light-weight body of the vehicle in carbon reinforced material. > Find out more

Certification, March 2005

ESORO was certified according to ISO 9001:2000 by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS). SQS is worldwide recognized and the leading organisation in Switzerland for assessment and certification services. The certificate covers the entire business area of ESORO, including the production of thermoplastic composite parts for the automotive market.
Senso Senso - The most sensuous car in the world, March 2005

Lateral thinking, looking at things from a new angle, thinking out of the box and feeding the senses – sight, touch, feel, smell and hearing – these are major elements of the development work that has gone into the "Rinspeed Senso".
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SuperFour SuperFour, September 2004

The Superfour is the first outdoor wheelchair featuring all wheel drive. On September 20, the project was presented during the Paralympic Games in Athens. ESORO is very pleased to have been selected for realizing the Superfour for Otto Bock, a leading supplier of orthopedic and rehabilitation systems worldwide.
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First contract for serial production of an E-LFT component, August 2004

Albert Weber / ESORO have accepted the first order for a serial component in E-LFT. E-LFT is a patented production process, developed by ESORO for Albert Weber GmbH. It allows the cost-efficient production of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic components in large volume production (30’000 - 300’000 units/year).