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Concept vehicles - iChange
Electric sports car with flexible rear end
The iChange is an environment friendly sports car. The lightweight body structure has an extremely low aerodynamic drag and offers only a seat for the driver in the normal configuration. But at a push of a button, the flexible rear end lifts and offers seats for two additional persons. So the aerodynamic drag is minimal for every type of use. The 130kW electric motor with high and constant torque starting from zero and a high power LiIon battery system provide enough power for excellent acceleration and top speed free of emissions and noise.

The engineering team of ESORO is very proud to have realized the 10th concept car for Rinspeed. ESORO was the general contractor and responsible for project management, engineering and realization of the Rinspeed iChange.

Together with its partners, it took ESORO just five months to realize the entire project.