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Concept vehicles - sQuba
The Third Dimension
James Bond still needed "Q" and a box of movie tricks in 1977, today it also works in real life: the sQuba - a thoroughbred electro-sportscar - can, if necessary, swim and dive to depths of up to 10 meters. The entire drive train works with zero emissions. On the street, a 37 kW electric engine gives enough power. On the surface of the water, two electric propellers in the back guide it through the waves, while two electric jet propulsion engines drive the sQuba in the third dimension. The energy for all that comes from LiIon batteries. You can be sure that the sQuba will break some records as well.  

For the ninth time the Swiss engineering company ESORO was hired by Rinspeed to serve as general contractor for the entire project. ESORO was responsible for project management, implementation of new technologies, engineering, rendering, design and the manufacturing of the Rinspeed sQuba.

Together with its partners, it took ESORO just six months to realize the entire project.