Concept vehicles  
Concept vehicles - UC?
Urban commuter - You see?
For the first time in its long history of developing groundbreaking concept cars, Rinspeed created an entire mobility concept. ESORO developed and realized for Rinspeed the associated city car UC?. The highly likable two-seater is powered by an electric motor. The little speedster measures just 2.50 m in length and is intended to help avoid gridlock in the inner cities. At the same time an advanced railcar loading system will add the option to cover long distances by train, comfortable, without traffic jams and stress-free. The lightweight “lovebug” is operated with a central joystick and delivers 124 Nm of torque. It reaches a top speed of 110 km/h and has an operating range of 120 km.

The engineering team of ESORO has realized the 11th concept car for Rinspeed. ESORO was the general contractor and responsible for project management, engineering, the implementing of the novel technologies, the design and rendering, as well as the realization of the Rinspeed UC?.

Together with its partners, it took ESORO just three months to realize the entire project.