How far can you drive with the energy of one litre gasoline? A team of ETH Zurich wanted to know this and to achieve an autonomy of 5’000 km/l during the Shell Eco Marathon, which so far no other vehicle reached by far. After some trials, on June 26 th, 2005, the one-person vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell achieved the almost unbelievable autonomy of 5385 km/l on the Michelin Racetrack in Ladoux (F) - world record!
The team of students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering developed the entire vehicle and its drive train. They had support of three industrial partners, among them ESORO.
ESORO was responsible for the manufacturing of the 10 kg lightweight self-supporting body of the vehicle – the carbon fibre monocoque – and the windows and supported the students in the design of the vehicle.
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